How Top-Producing Real Estate Agents Become #1 in Their Market, and Stay There.

Most successful real estate agents have three major concerns:


1. Will I be able to sustain my high level of success?

2. Will my competitors pass me by?

3. Will technology make my livelihood obsolete?


All three of these are essentially marketing problems.

And yet, I keep seeing top agents sabotaging themselves by repeating the major marketing mistakes I’ll describe below.


Would you like to learn how to steal leads from Zillow and Trulia?

Do you want to know how you can siphon calls from your biggest competitors?

Does it sound useful to be able to identify which prospects have intent to hire a real estate agent right now, and are looking for someone to give them some advice?

I’m about to show you exactly how to do all this and more. 


I’m Seth Holdren, and I have been in the trenches running a full stack marketing agency (Growth Shop) for over a decade now. I’m also a licensed real estate agent.

When I got into real estate, I quickly realized that most people in the real estate industry are completely unaware of how well marketing and advertising are supposed to work.

Ever since I dove head-first into the real estate industry, I have been inundated with requests from agents for help with their marketing. 

It completely surprised me. Because I suffered from what is called “The Curse of Knowledge”. I had assumed most real estate agents already knew the things I know about marketing. Turns out I was dead wrong.

But I wanted to find out for sure. So I started with a beginner’s mind.

I learned their way of doing it. I bought Cole leads, signed up for Mojo dialer and Vulcan dialer to see which was better….

I went through Bold, did my Bold 100 and my 20 contacts a day, ran the touch campaigns they gave me, and door-knocked….

I came from contribution, gave away free coffee and donuts in exchange for email addresses, did script practice, and absorbed all the marketing and prospecting methods the industry still uses to this day. 

Don’t get me wrong, those tools are in place for a reason. They can work, all of them can work. But I knew of a better way, and had been using it successfully for years.

Then the agents around the office started to notice I knew some secrets. 

So I was asked to help. Then I was asked to do it for them. Then I was asked to teach it to them.

So now, here we are. I’m going to teach it to you. And maybe even do it for you. Are you ready?


First, what is the current state of your marketing situation?


For example, have you been paying Zillow for leads, instead of outwitting them at their own game and outranking them in your local area?

Do you pay for expensive sales tools, technology, and software, and fail to use them to their full potential?

Do you devote time, energy, and money to exhausting social media campaigns that don’t actually bring in much new business for you?


Don’t blame yourself. It’s a jungle out there.

There are so many marketing services and products, and they keep shoving them in your face all day long. 

And you have other major fires to put out. Marketing isn’t the most urgent one, like ever.

What you need is for someone to take the marketing problem off your plate. Not dump another load of work on your shoulders.


The Cost of Doing Nothing


Think about the resources you’re devoting to these all these campaigns and tools.

Aren’t you tired of wasting money on things that don’t work very well? What happens if you continue doing what you’ve been doing? Will you get the same results? Could you end up losing ground to your competition?

Instead, your marketing resources could be deployed with precision and force. You could finally build your own long-lasting platform that completely dominates your market.

But rather than solving this problem, what if you do something even worse like spending your incredibly valuable time doing things like cold calling, networking, or heaven forbid even door-knocking….


Imagine if someone could take this whole marketing thing off your to-do list for good.


Someone very skilled and competent. Someone you could trust to handle it and finally get it done right.

But what does “done right” look like?


Here’s the Test


Ask yourself: As a real estate agent, what would you rather have?


1. A prospect who calls you asking for your advice, referred by someone they know, like, and trust?

2. A prospect who you cold-called, who is skeptical of your intentions, and who resists your every word along the way.


I know I’d choose the warm lead.

The inbound lead.

The person who already trusts me because they heard about me from someone they trust.

I don’t have to convince them of anything. In fact, they’ll be coming into it convincing me to help them get what they need.


OK, next question. Which one would you rather have?


1. Lead generation that takes up your time. Only you can do it. You have to spend hours and hours on the phone getting rejected. You have to keep track of your dials. Your conversion rate is dismal, but it’s the only method you know of that you can control. You know you can go in and stand there with your headset on and grind it out. It makes you feel productive. You only feel productive if you’ve suffered, long and hard.

2. Lead generation that requires nearly zero effort on your part. You know you have full coverage out there, where your ideal prospects spend their time, across all the digital platforms. On their phone, on their tablets, on their office computers, everywhere. And they decide to contact you when they’re ready. You don’t have to guess, nurture them, remember to follow up, or hassle with it for hours at a time.


OK, obviously you know the correct answer is the lead generation that takes less effort. Unless you’re just a glutton for punishment, I guess.

One more question for you.


Next: Which would you prefer?


1. A scattered, inconsistent marketing campaign with a narrow focus. Maybe you’re focusing on Facebook. Maybe you’re doing one of the big lead seller packages, but not the others. Maybe you’re still running ads with your local publisher. Maybe you focus on prospecting and cold calling. Maybe you work your referrals to exhaustion. Maybe you’re working on your new website you’ll be launching soon. Maybe you started making some videos recently. Maybe you have a review system you’ve started using. Maybe you’re spread so thin you’re wearing through a little bit.

2. A full stack real estate marketing campaign. What does “full stack” mean? More on that in a minute.


What Would “The World’s #1 Full Stack Real Estate Agent Lead Generation System” Look Like?


There are 3 things your marketing needs in order to completely dominate your market as a real estate agent:


1. A cost-efficient lead generation advertising system. (Ads that convert to inquiries that convert to closings.)

2. Brand awareness advertising that doesn’t suck. (You. Everywhere. Now. But wiser.)

3. A way to produce attention-getting content that doesn’t ruin your life. (A content creation playbook and training for your team, plus smart social ads management.)


There is no real estate marketing system out there that solves ONE of these problems effectively, let alone all three.


Until now.


I’m an active licensed real estate agent in Montana. I’ve also run a marketing agency for over a decade.

So, I know what you’re up against.

It’s brutal out there with all the relentless marketing schemes.

Some of which you’ve probably already wasted plenty of money on.


Let’s dispel some myths.


Myth #1: “Just buy some leads, bro!” – Leads from Zillow are not going to make you happy. By design, they cut way too deep into your profit margin, and Zillow couldn’t care any less about whether your livelihood survives even one more month, let alone for the rest of your career. Oh yeah, and the leads are weak.

Myth #2: “You gotta put yourself out there!” – Social media is a time suck. And it doesn’t pull consistant results for you. Sales. Not views. Not likes. Not shares. By results, we mean sales.

Myth #3: “Prospecting is your job.” – Sure, prospecting can work. “Hit those phones! Just go do a Bold 100!” Ok cool. Do you have a full day to burn this week? Do you secretly hate phone prospecting? Has anyone you’ve cold called ever sneered at you, “We’re in the 21st century now, dude! Why are you calling me?” (That’s a direct quote, it’s happened to me personally.) Well, what if there was a better way to get targeted calls coming to you with no effort on your part?


Enter the Full Stack.


What the heck is full stack marketing?

The Full Marketing Stack looks like this:


Intent-Based Search – Full search coverage via ads, organic, maps/GMB, directories, local listings, and even voice search.

Sphere of Influence – You control the narrative of your neighborhood, in a way that attracts ideal prospects, connects with them, and captures them as active leads.

Digital Presence – You dominate social media in your market, get seen everywhere online in your area, make sure your reputation is known, and your reviews get distributed to where they will count the most.

Purposeful Content & Distribution – When your team creates content, it gets done in a clear and decisive way, according to a schedule, that you know will grow your business, 

Connecting Via Video (Yes, video gets its own category) – You make videos that matter, for the right reasons, that get attention, and get prospects to come to you.

The Science of Persuasion – Oh, and interlaced with all of the categories listed above, if you haven’t studied the science of persuasion, you’re going to leave massive results on the table for the same expenditure of money and effort.


So, if you’ve begun to realize that a sophisticated understanding of the full marketing stack is crucial in order to dominate a real estate market, what’s next?


That’s where I come in.


I’m going to show you what your marketing should look like.

What you should be doing, right now, to ensure you’re the top-producing agent in your market, and that you’ll stay there.

Keep scrolling down to learn exactly how you can do this easily and with little effort on your part.

Learn How You Can Do This In Your Market


In this brief Mini Master Class video, I explain exactly what your marketing should look like if you want to dominate your market, be #1, and stay there.


You’ll quickly learn how to:


  1. Steal leads from Zillow, Dave Ramsey ELP, UpNest, TopAgentsRanked,, and more.

  3. Get in front of hot buyer and seller leads who have intent to hire a real estate agent right away.

  5. Ethically siphon calls away from your biggest competitors.

  7. Leverage your expertise to grow your sphere of influence and capture more leads.

  9. Get referrals from your prospects’ trusted advisers, even if none of them know you.

  11. Dominate social media. No more posts and updates that go nowhere fast.

  13. Leverage education that comes naturally to you to close more deals.


PLUS, learn the number #1 way to connect with people in your city, so they do business with you again and again.

AND, learn how to stand out from your competition and totally differentiate yourself so people notice you in a sea of same-old real estate agents.

FINALLY, you’ll learn to control and shape the narrative of your city or neighborhood, to position yourself as the #1 real estate agent in town.