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VIDEO MARKETING WORKSHOP: How to do business video that doesn’t suck.

Missoula Businesses: “If your business is not making some kind of video content right now, you’re losing. Period.” -Gary Vaynerchuk

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LIMITED BONUS: A day in a professional video studio recording and producing your first video for you (details below.) This bonus alone alone would cost upwards of $2000 all by itself. You get it thrown in for free along with this full-day workshop. There are a limited number of these bonus packages, so if you’re reading this now, there is still at least one bonus studio day available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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There’s a workshop coming up.


It’s called How to Do Business Video That Doesn’t Suck: Promoting your business with video marketing.


In this workshop you will learn everything you need to know to finally start capitalizing on the mobile video trend that’s captured the attention of the entire world.


And you’ll learn how to do it in a way that ethically and effectively promotes your business, your organizational initiatives, or your entrepreneurial pursuits.


Here’s what’s covered in this workshop:


  1. Why Video? You will learn exactly why video sells better than any other marketing tactic, and how you can leverage it in your industry with your unique set of circumstances.
  2. What kind of videos will promote your business effectively.
  3. How you can make videos that aren’t boring, terrible, or embarrassing.
  4. How to make your videos interesting so people will actually watch them.
  5. How to make sure your videos represent and promote your brand in a professional way.
  6. How to overcome awkwardness in front of the camera (or even avoid the camera completely.)
  7. The tech: What cameras and gear to use, and how to do awesome marketing videos on a small budget.
  8. Telling your story: Why stories sell, and how to fill in the blanks on Growth Shop’s innovative business story template so you can begin creating awesome marketing videos without a painful and uncomfortable “creative process” bogging everybody down.
  9. How to actually shoot your videos so they do not suck. Learn professional shooting styles in less than an hour.
  10. How to schedule a proper series and stick to it, so you have consistent and ongoing video marketing campaigns that keep your company relevant and in-demand.
  11. How to promote your videos on the internet and social media without having to spend all day every day in front of a screen.
  12. How to create videos and content native to each social platform so you’re not just spamming or “spraying and praying” with annoying content that your customers will do anything to avoid.
  13. How to build trust by showing an authentic side to your business that will sell better than any salesman you could ever find to hire.
  14. How to make video marketing FUN.
  15. Comprehensive Gear Guide.
  16. Ultimate Video Marketing Checklist & Manual to out into the hands of the person who will be managing your video marketing campaign, so they never forget a thing.


BONUS: Your first round of videos done for you in our professional studio. (Includes a day of recording in our studio or at your location, editing and post-production of 1-3 short web-style videos from that footage, and uploading to your Youtube channel. Includes one round of revisions.)


So, upon successful application and registration, you will receive:


A full day video marketing workshop with everything you need to get started creating awesome videos to promote your business.


A second day in Growth Shop’s professional video studio where we will plan, design, and record your first video together (to be scheduled upon completion of Day 1.)

If you run, manage, or market a business and want to finally start using video to marketing your business in an effective way, come join us.

The cost for this workshop is $995.

A day in a professional video studio alone would cost upwards of $2000 all by itself. You get it thrown in for free along with this full-day workshop.

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Why Video?

Because video sells. So it pays to learn how to do it right. 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video. Old-school marketing no longer works, and now “attention is the asset”, as they say. So take your business to where the attention lives: On mobile screens, watching videos.

What You Need

You don’t need expensive equipment to do video that doesn’t suck. But you do need to know the 5-S Method, which will show you exactly how to do video that people (your potential customers) will actually watch.



Promoting Your VIdeos

If you’ve ever done video to promote your business, you know that nothing happens unless people actually see your videos. Videos need to be promoted in order to get views and make sales. This workshop will show you exactly what you and your marketing team need to do to make sure this happens.

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