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Are You Making These 3 Critical Mistakes with Your Real Estate Videos?








How to Make Amazing Real Estate Marketing Videos:

3 Sales-Killing Mistakes to Avoid….


My advice: Don’t invest in real estate marketing videos unless you can avoid these 3 critical mistakes.


Of course, video marketing can be one of the best ways to…


  • Differentiate yourself as an agent – So you can STAND OUT, and BE REMEMBERED
  • Distinguish your client’s properties from their competition
  • Dominate your local digital and social media landscape
  • Gain market share
  • Grow your sphere
  • Generate leads, and more….


But there are SO MANY ineffective real estate videos out there.


I cannot even imagine the vast sums of money being wasted on real estate videos that don’t work.


Why is this the case?


There are a few critical but often-overlooked keys to creating effective marketing videos. Whether you focus on these keys will make or break your videos. But why do most real estate videos suck?



Because their videos make these 3 fatal mistakes:



1. Not capturing the viewer’s attention within the first 3 seconds.


You have less than 3 seconds to capture your viewer’s attention, or they will fall prey to their short attention span (which, for humans on the internet, is now shorter than a goldfish’s). 

You have to hook them. What’s a hook? It’s a way of showing someone something they care about. Forget about you for a second, and let’s focus on them. What do they want? Show that to them. Tell them something that matters to them. Highlight the thing they care about most. This should be the first thing they see in your video. That’s a hook.


2. Not telling a story.


People’s brains are activated by stories. This is useful to know if you want to sell things to humans. Do you? Ok good. Here’s how to tell a story for marketing purposes:

Story formula – The situation: A person (character) in a place (setting) wants something. What is: They can’t seem to get what they want. What could be: Their life would be so amazing if they could only figure out how to get that thing they want! What is: But it doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to get it. Because reasons. And enemies. What could be: But if they could find a way to get it, they could finally be happy. Conflict: Oh no, everything is about to get even worse. Slim chance of them getting what they want. Boo. Call to action: Wait, here’s a new chance for them, and if they succeed, they could finally get what they want! Will they do it? Their big chance: A chance to achieve happiness beyond their original hopes. Resolution: They did it, and they got it, and it’s amazing. Transformation: They are different now. Better. Complete.

Tell stories like this. Even in marketing your real estate business. And it will help you activate people’s brains, so they will listen, and they will take action.


3. Not keeping it fast-paced.


If you want to see how the pros use pacing in their videos to keep people interested, just go watch 5 minutes of your favorite TV show. Here’s how you can see it in action: Pay attention to when each shot changes. And count the seconds. It will be between 1 and 4 seconds in the beginning, and rarely more than 10 seconds long for any given shot. Either the angle changes, the subject changes, or the scene changes. Very quickly.

Make sure the shots change quickly. Make your videos like this, or you’ll lose people’s attention and they’ll go off to something else.



So, now you know the 3 biggest mistakes people make in their real estate videos. And you know how to do it right.


To sum up, here’s how you do it:

1. Hook them in the first 3 seconds.

2. Tell a story.

3. Keep it fast-paced.


Now go out there and make some amazing real estate marketing videos! And if you do, send them to me so I can see the results of all your hard work. 


In the meantime, you can learn about some of the different types and styles of marketing videos you can have made to promote your real estate business in the list below. 



Keep scrolling down to see some real estate marketing example videos….

Want to start making awesome real estate videos? Looking for a done-for-you video marketing solution?

Real Estate Industry Marketing Video Examples


There are several types of videos that can be effective in the real estate industry. Such as…


  1. Agent Story Videos – Tell your story well, get return on exposure.
  2. Client Hero Videos – Tell your client’s story, get attention. (Note: your client is ALWAYS the hero in your marketing stories. You are the hero’s guide.)
  3. Listing Videos – Get attention, hook the viewer, get them to focus on the property, get them to visualize themselves living there, and call them to action. Bonus: Try building in some authentic scarcity for extra credit. Can be photo slide shows, video walk-thrus, drone shots, and 3D tours. Though I’d be careful not to get too hypnotized by the novelty of new technology and tools.
  4. Vlog-Style Videos – Another great way to tell your story and get exposure. The key with vlogs is to always remember to focus on videos people actually engage with on social media.
  5. Geo-Hero Videos – Tell the story of your city, neighborhood, area, or state. Hugely underused style.
  6. Creative Property Videos – This is where you go beyond standard listing videos and tell a real story about the property.
  7. Community Hero Videos – Highlighting local people, businesses, events, groups, features, and other local people-based stories.


Here are some recent videos we’ve done for clients. See if you can spot some of the key elements that make for effective marketing videos.


Property Video for a Real Estate Agent – Notice the hook in the first 3 seconds, with other hooks throughout.


Storytelling – You can have other people tell their stories too.


Notice the fast-changing shots and angles, and the focus on what’s in it for the viewer.


Notice the hook in first 3 seconds, and the fast-changing shots and angles.

We have many more video examples available. If you’d like to see more, just ask.



Other Real Estate Video Examples


This is my all-time favorite real estate video.


Although I didn’t make this video, this is the best real estate video I’ve ever seen.


Not because it’s the fanciest. Not because it’s the most amazing property in the world. And not because it cost the most to make.


It’s the best because it gets you to visualize yourself living there.


How does it do this?


The video tells a story.



Better yet, it shows us what living there could feel like.


It is perfectly doable to make videos like this to market your listings. 


I highly recommend making videos like this to stand out from the crowd.



Now…what about you?

What are your biggest challenges when it comes to marketing your real estate business? 


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