Do Your Listings Stand Out?









This Secret Will Boost Your Real Estate Listings to the Next Level


How can a real estate agent differentiate their listings from their competitors’ listings?


The real estate market is so cluttered.


It’s hard to stand out.


The truth is, few real estate agent marketing campaigns truly stand out from the crowd.


150 Point Marketing Plan? More like 150 Point Copycat Plan.


Because everyone is doing the same thing.


Don’t drown in the Sea of Sameness. Download the Listing Marketing Blueprint to learn how to make your listings stand out from the crowd.


Do you think drone shots and 3D video tours will save you? That’s like saying a triple-line dialer will make sales for you. 


Technology doesn’t make sales on its own.


You have to use your marketing technology in a way that will get a customer to actually do something.


You must keep your marketing focused on your desired result: Selling the home.


The sheer volume of new choices available for real estate marketing technology is completely overwhelming.

It’s gone totally off the rails.

Sometimes it seems like there are more people selling real estate technology services to agents than there are active agents.


It can be hard for an agent to know what actually matters. What makes sales, and what is just an expensive distraction.


But this isn’t something you’re doing wrong. Because they will never stop trying to sell you their shiny new marketing novelties.


You’ve been sold from all directions on how important technology is in marketing your business.


And that’s because it’s partially true.


But what they don’t seem to have the courage to do is to ask the tough questions.


Questions like, “OK, this marketing tool looks cool and all, but…will it actually give me the end result I want?


(ProTip: The answer is usually a hard “no”.)


So, how can you make your real estate listing stand out from the crowd?


After being asked this question multiple times by agents, I’ve mapped out a few of my answers on this Listing Marketing Blueprint below.


In this blueprint, I’ve incorporated several crucial elements which cognitive scientists and behavioral analysts have shown us that actually make an impact on whether a human being pays attention and actually gets them to do something as a result of a marketing tactic.


Let’s talk about the #1 rule for effective real estate listing marketing:



Here’s the Secret:



The prospect must be able to visualize themselves living there.


Because if they can’t, they’ll move on.


It all happens in a matter of seconds.


So, how can you make it easier for them to visualize themselves living there?


Want to learn more about how to do this kind of stuff?


Here are three ways you can learn more:



1. READ: This post on How to Make Amazing Real Estate Videos: 3 Sales-Killing Mistakes to Avoid


2. DOWNLOAD:  The Listing Marketing Blueprint (see how to download it below).


3. OUTSOURCE:  Have someone do it for you. We recommend us. But you do you. Check out our Listing Marketing Director and Real Estate Video packages and pricing at the link below.



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Listing Marketing Blueprint: Learn the 5 keys to marketing your listings effectively.

On the left half of the blueprint, you’ll see the 5 major problems I see with most listings. Then you’ll see the 5 key opportunities for solving these problems. On the right half of the blueprint, you’ll see the checklist I’ve developed to make sure we’re fixing all the problems and using all the solutions and best practices on each new listing. Then on the bottom right, you’ll see a checklist for what I call the more “premium” listings. Not all listings require the higher-end options, because they just aren’t necessary for the more popular properties. And of course, the investment is a lot higher for some of those premium options.

Note: You might notice this checklist seems to be formatted like a listing marketing service, because I originally developed it for agents who have used my services as a sort of “listing marketing director”. And hopefully it’s useful to you for your needs as well.  

Download this Listing Marketing Blueprint so you can make sure your listings aren’t missing out on these 5 crucial opportunities to stand out from the competition. Just fill out the form, and I’ll email it to you so you can download it right now.

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