Need help with your Business Vitality Score?

Business Vitality Scale

Where does your company fall on this scale? Your number is your score.

10 – Not only do we have more customers than we can handle, we can pick and choose the most ideal customers, and refer the rest to a strategic partner.

9 – We have more customers than we can handle, and we can turn our lead generation campaigns on and off at will, guaranteeing our ability to get new customers on demand.

8 – We are generally growing and we sometimes get new leads from our marketing efforts, but it’s not as dependable as we’d like.

7 – Our annual growth has been trending upwards, but it’s not always consistent.

6 – Very small annual growth but barely keeps up with the consumer price index and inflation. Our marketing efforts are not always showing a clear ROI.

5 – Growth is flat to non-existent. Our marketing efforts are barely keeping us afloat, and we don’t know what’s working and what’s not.

4 – Business is steadily declining. Our marketing efforts are definitely wasting money.

3 – Not only is business declining, but the outlook is getting bleaker month to month. Our marketing is a disaster.

2 – We are taking emergency steps to “stop the bleeding” of declining business, and we have begun to shut down all spending and investment beyond fixed costs.

1 – The business is dying or dead. We are likely going out of business in the next year.

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