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Because the fall marketing season is right around the corner, I’m answering questions I commonly hear from clients and business owners about marketing in this Marketing Season multi-part series.

Here’s what an ideal Marketing Master Plan looks like for any business, whether I’m involved or not. Take this information and use it to get results in your own company as soon as possible.

FAQ #1: “What does a Virtual Director of Marketing do, if I were to take my business through your process?”


As a consultant, I would work with you on the following process:

A 10 Point Plan for Perfect Marketing Every Time


1. Define how many leads your business is currently generating. Also determine which marketing factors are currently generating sales (and which ones are not.)

2. Define the profit per lead and the lifetime value of a customer.

3. Define company-wide revenue goals, and calculate the number of new leads/repeat customers/customer frequency necessary to reach those goals.

4. Design a master plan for your company-wide marketing system, including the resolving the primary problems and missed opportunities that currently exist.

5. Identify the top 20% of your clients/customers with the highest ROI and the lowest hassle or headache factor, and devote the majority of marketing resources to focusing on this 20%.

6. Determine how to reach this top 20% of your ideal clients/customers.

7. Implement an automated follow-up system to maximize the value you add to your clients/customers and to entice them to do more business with your company.

8. Set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure things are actually improving with your marketing results based on your goals from #3 above.

9. Provide you with a dashboard to access information and data about your Marketing Master Plan, aka your new marketing system for your business.

10. Periodically adjust course based on results and evolving business goals.


To download a printable version of this Marketing Master Plan Cheatsheet, click here.