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You can grow your business with one simple daily task.

When Jerry Seinfeld was giving advice to a fellow comedian, this is what he told him to do:

  1. Get a wall calendar.
  2. Write jokes every day.
  3. When you’re done, put an X over today’s date on the calendar.
  4. Don’t break the chain.

People make fun of new year’s resolutions. Because most people don’t stick with their resolutions.

The Chain-Link Method solves that problem.

Forget everything except one single daily task. Choose a task that — if completed every day for months on end — would get you closer and closer to your business goal.

Then, put a calendar on your wall, complete your task every day, and mark your calendar.

I do a modified version of this, which you can see in the photo above.

My daily task? Send one email.

I send at least one email per day to someone I want to work with, someone I think would benefit from the value I provide, or just someone I think is cool.

Sometimes they respond. And then we begin a conversation.

Most good things come into reality via a similar process.

So I have systematized this to make sure I am getting at least one at-bat per day. The more at-bats you have, the more pitches you’ll have a chance to hit, the more home runs you can hit. Or you’ll have a chance at getting on base. Or at the very least, get better at swinging at pitches.

If you can’t come up with a task that will help you reach your goal, then just steal mine.

Because sending a daily email will work for many goals.

If you want more clients, send one email every day to a potential client.

If you want to find more customers, send an email every day to someone who has a list of customers who fit your ideal customer profile.

If you don’t know what you want, then send an email every day to people who are doing stuff that gets you excited and ask them to collaborate. Or better yet, send them a list of ideas you came up with that will help them reach their own goals.

You can do a lot worse than sending one email every day to further your cause.

So, instead of a resolution this year, just pick a daily task, get a calendar, and complete your task every day. Start crossing off the days. Add a link to your chain every day, and watch your goals come within reach.