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Thank Pete for the Doers.
You know who’s cool? 
The blacksmith. 
The carpenter. 
The barista. 
The mother giving birth. 
The helicopter pilot. 
The stone mason. 
The brewer. 
The moonshiner. 
The diaper-changer.
The traditional archer. 
The short order cook. 
The guy running the camera. 
The unsung hero who does all the work and gets none of the credit.
You know what’s not cool?
Useless luxury. 
Pretending to be perfect.
Acting like a Charlatan.
Telling partial truths.
Giving unsolicited advice.
The cool list up there, what’s the common theme?

Work. Effort. Craft. Activity. Doing. Making. Trying. Failing. Trying again. Reality. Pragmatism. Sense. Art. Honesty. Beauty. Action. Movement. Sweat. Tears. Blood. Skin in the game.

Getting dirty.

Putting yourself out there.
Making your move.
Falling down.
Getting back up.
Taking another shot.
Let’s be doers today, what do you say?