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If you run a business, chances are there are some missed opportunities in your marketing that – when fixed – can get you in front of a ton of new customers.


It’s easy to get a blind spot or two when you’re running a business. I couldn’t understand that more myself. The cool thing is, after a couple of conversations with me (Seth from Growth Shop), your marketing opportunities will become clear again. And the best part is, those first two conversations are completely free. I guarantee you’ll enjoy them, or I will buy you a giant box of Krispy Kreme donuts to compensate you for your loss.


“Marketing and innovation make money. Everything else is a cost.” -Peter Drucker (the Godfather of business management)


HOW TO CONTACT ME: Hit me up at seth [@] growthshop.co for a free chat. I’ll ask you some questions so I can get a clear picture of your business, your situation, and your goals. You’ll ask me some question too. It’ll be fun. :)

Or, if you’d prefer, send me a message on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sethholdren

Have a good one,

Seth Holdren

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