Examples of Commercial Marketing Videos We’ve Made For Clients









Commercial Marketing Video Examples


Here are some recent videos we’ve done for clients. See if you can spot some of the key elements that make for effective marketing videos.


Promo-Style Video – Stories and Testimonials


Craft Brewery Promo – Focusing on the story of the product.


Lead Generation Campaign with Downloadable Lead Magnet


Another Promo-Style Video – Notice the fast-changing shots and angles, and the focus on what’s in it for the viewer.


Promo-Style Video – Notice the hook in first 3 seconds, and the fast-changing shots and angles.

We have many more video examples available. If you’d like to see more, just ask.


It is perfectly doable to make videos like this to market your listings and promote your company. 


I highly recommend making videos like this to stand out from the crowd.



Now…what about you?

What are your biggest challenges when it comes to marketing your business? 


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