Brewery Marketing Master Plan


Overview – Marketing Master Plan for Craft Breweries:

This is an overview of the Marketing Master Plan for Craft Breweries.

The focus of this master plan is:

  1. Intelligent growth.
  2. Differentiation from increasing brewery competition.
  3. Installing a reliable, future-proof marketing system.
  4. Giving brewery owners the power to escape the onslaught of ad reps constantly demanding your time.
  5. Having training and instructions for your marketing team on how to implement these strategies.
  6. Tracking, accountability, and peace of mind in your marketing efforts.


About Seth: Briefly, my background is: I started my marketing agency in Nashville in the mid-2000s (I went to business school at the University of Montana and began my career in Missoula, then spent 5-6 years in Nashville with an office on Music Row, and now I’ve been back in Montana since early 2011.)


What I do is use marketing tools and strategies to grow businesses. Full, comprehensive plans are my specialty. There’s a lot of digital/social involved, and offline tactics as well.

We usually look for clients as partners who are in a space and a position to shoot for doubling their current business. Sometimes beyond that. This is one of those industries where I see this being possible by capitalizing on some missed opportunities I can already see. There will be more opportunities discovered once things get rolling with the right brewery partner in your area, but being able to make a realistic prediction in this direction is my minimal requirement. That plus enthusiasm for the industry.




Here are some of the marketing milestones I have in mind:

We usually shoot for a 10% to 33% increase in multiple areas in a business. Achieving this in a handful of areas can conceivably double the size of a business. Here are a few of the areas I see this being achievable.

1. Increasing numbers through the door by 20% to 50% (or more, if capacity allows).

2. Increasing the profit per customer (through various methods, not just raising prices.)

3. Premium customers – VIPs or premium regulars or high-volume/high-ticket clients, implementing strategies here to add more value to the raving fans you already have, so they will gladly pay you up to 10x for the increase in value you’ve provided them. The raving fans want more from the brands they love, it’s only a matter of finding the precise ways to give them more which they will eagerly value.

4. Maximizing your vendor value. This means more exclusivity and higher quality, but also a better experience and better treatment of your vendors so they become better marketers as well, in order for them to help you “raise the tide, which raises all boats”.

5. Maximizing your use of your customer database. You have X # of customers, and it becomes a matter of technology and communication as to whether you can increase the average transaction size and frequency by giving them access to more of what they would love to pay for.

6. Opportunities outside of your location. You obviously know there are other ways to add value to your marketplace beyond your location, and it’s just a matter of implementing the right strategies here.

So, those are a handful of the opportunities I see. Here are some of the actual tactics I see being available to capture these opportunities to grow your market share in the region.




Here are some of the methods to achieve the objectives above:

1. Systematizing follow-up with and promotion to your customers. (Email drip campaign, share-encouraging media, contests, newsletters, entertainment media, special promotions, event notifications, vendor list opportunities, VIP list opportunities, etc.)

2. Video strategies. Social video done properly can spread organically so effectively that it can eventually eliminate the need for virtually any paid advertising. Platforms: Youtube, Facebook & FB Live, Instagram, Snapchat, YouNow, and more. Videos must: Be authentic, be entertaining, evoke emotion, be personable and relatable, be useful, give the viewer the control, work w/ the sound off, and be in a non-interruptive format.

3. Facebook advertising. Do you know how granular you can get with Facebook ad targeting? In B2C you can get extremely specific with your targeting. For example, I can target you on Facebook based on your net worth and your job title, even if you haven’t supplied that information to Facebook. Creepy? Yes. Effective for your own targeted advertising? Hell yes. And that’s why Facebook has turned from being a silly place to post photos of your dog into the most powerful advertising juggernaut the marketing world has ever seen. Tactics: Re-targeting, advanced targeting options, the proper content being advertised, the proper funnel set up to maximize results, etc.

4. Other social media opportunities. You know a lot about this already, but I can see some low-hanging fruit you could capitalize on easily between your various accounts. Too many details to go into here in this list. If you reach out to me about the ideas in this email, I’ll be happy to show you specifics for making social increase top line growth for your company.

5.  Strategic partners and cross-over opportunities. Working with other businesses who share your desired customer base but are complementary and not direct competitors, and collaborating to grow your businesses together. Major opportunity for fast and relatively effortless growth. Contact me for various strategies here.

6. Other opportunities in print, community opportunities, your blog and website, local media, and event opportunities. Again, too many details to list here.

What I do for clients is design a marketing master plan covering all this and more, creating a plan of action and a calendar of events to get you there. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

Really the only question I have for you is: Does this sound like something you’d like to talk more about?

If not, you’re done. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your time.

But if so, reach out to me asap. I have many other irons on the fire in this space at the moment, and am genuinely just looking for the best partners to work with in the brewery space.


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