Pursue Wellness Chiropractic

Initial SEO Analysis


March 19, 2019


Partner Website: https://pursuewellnesschiro.com/


Seth’s Notes: Ideally I would like to talk you through what these reports mean (briefly!) But the bottom line is, there is a lot of low hanging fruit, and you could see some relatively quick progress on your rankings to see more appointments. Also, there are 3 key things you could do on your website to increase your conversion rate from visitors to appointments, so if you’d like to know what those are, we should talk.


1. Site Audit Report (54/100) –  (How your site stacks up from an SEO standpoint): https://growthshop.co/pwcseoaudit.pdf


2. Rankings Report (#25 for top keyword) – (How your website is currently ranking in search): https://growthshop.co/pwcsearchrankings.pdf


3. Business Listing Report (58% Listings Inaccuracy) – (Your “Google My Business” maps listing and directories): https://growthshop.co/pwcbusinesslistingreport.pdf


NEXT: If you’d like to discuss how to make some improvements that would be likely to lead to more appointments for your practice, the next step would be to schedule a quick phone call with Seth to get to know each other a bit and discuss your current needs.