Need help taking your marketing to the next level?


If you run a business, chances are there are some missed opportunities in your marketing that – when fixed – can get you in front of a ton of new customers.


It’s easy to get a blind spot or two when you’re running a business. I couldn’t understand that more myself. The cool thing is, after a couple of conversations, your marketing opportunities will become clear again. And the best part is, those first two conversations are completely free. I guarantee you’ll enjoy them, or I will buy you a giant box of delicious donuts to compensate you for your loss.


“Marketing and innovation make money. Everything else is a cost.” -Peter Drucker (the Godfather of business management)

My work covers marketing strategy, business development, digital advertising, growth hacking, contracting, real estate, and consulting.


I love strategy. My core skill is transforming “all the possibilities” for growth into an innovative campaign to achieve a business goal.

What value can I offer?
Helping you identify and kick-start the next best opportunity for growing your company.

Roots: I live, work, and raise kids in Montana, built skills in Nashville for a few years, and was born and raised in Ohio.




Here are some words from my clients and partners:


“The process is going GREAT so far and I not only appreciate working with you but I’m enjoying the process as well.” -Missoula, MT

“Seth’s ability to understand our customers has been invaluable.” -Nashville, TN

“I would recommend Seth to anyone.” -Missoula, MT

“It was a privilege working with Seth.” -Nashville, TN

“I think it’s looking awesome, thanks so much for what you do.” -Nashville, TN

“You will see in Seth’s work, he is energetic, conscientious, and has a wonderful attitude…much needed and appreciated!”

-Missoula, MT

“Seth knows how to earn the trust and respect of our customers.”

-Nashville, TN

“An invaluable bonus is Seth’s attention to detail and sense of humor!” -Missoula, MT”

“Seth, listen – and I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass – but you would be VERY difficult to replace.” -Nashville, TN



My Guarantee to You

I will never ask you to take my word for it, or even take my clients’ word for it.

What I will always do is offer to actually show you what I can do for you.

If your company needs to grow, I’m here to help. Tell me about your situation, and I will listen, learn, and do some research. Then, I’ll get to work on the possibilities, the options, and a game plan that fits your needs. I’ll walk you through my plan for what I would do if I was in your shoes. I’ll show you a master plan that will tell you exactly how I would recommend you take your business where you want it to go, step by step, in a easy-to-execute blueprint.