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“What can Growth Shop do for me?”


Bottom line, we can cut your marketing learning curve down to almost zero and make this happen much faster for you.


What Growth Shop brings to the table:

1. We’ve helped established companies triple their revenue. 
2. We’ve designed marketing campaigns that have increased results by a factor of over 10 times previous benchmarks.
3. Last year we managed over a million dollars in advertising and marketing budgets in the online advertising category alone.
4. Our specialty is maximizing conversion rate and increasing traffic, both online and offline.

This means:

Our marketing efforts are designed with a crystal clear objective: The highest possible conversion rate with optimal return on investment.

Conversion Rate = Number of sales / Traffic. (In other words, conversion rate is the number of prospects that convert into sales).

What this means to your bottom line is, with our help, you will not spend any money on marketing that is not highly likely to have a high ROI, because I have a long list of proven successful marketing campaigns in a diverse variety of industries which we can use with a high likelihood of success.

We build our clients a company-wide marketing blueprint, which has every single aspect of marketing for the company mapped out with specific action steps and a calendar of events to follow so everything remains clear and actionable at all times.

You don’t have to take it from us, but we can cut your marketing learning curve down to almost zero and make this happen much faster for you.

We have seen people try this from scratch, and we have actually been there with our own business. It takes a long period of lots of mistakes learning what to do and what not to do marketing-wise, and that can kill everything.

Not to mention the extremely wasteful marketing expenditures we can help you avoid completely, which 99% of new business owners will waste money on in your position.

In fact, most experienced business owners waste almost as much as start-ups, because they don’t know what we know, and how to ensure ROI.


Who We Are

Seth Holdren, President

sethprofileI’m Seth Holdren, here’s my story:

After being immersed in the world of small business for over 12 years, I started to see an enormous problem that desperately needed a solution.

I quickly learned that the biggest ongoing problem most companies have is that they need the phone to ring continuously with new customers who truly need service and products right away (also known as “motivated buyers”).

So, for the past 9 or 10 years, I’ve devoted myself to solving that problem as effectively and aggressively as possible. If that’s a problem you’d like a solution to, then you don’t have to listen to me, but here are a few reasons why you might decide to.

Here are some words from my clients and partners:


What clients say:

“The process is going GREAT so far and I not only appreciate working with you but I’m enjoying the process as well.” -Missoula, MT

“This is the first time I’ve been excited about the Internet. I’m so happy to finally see results for an investment.” -San Antonio, TX

“Seth’s ability to understand our customers has been invaluable.” -Nashville, TN

“I would recommend Seth to anyone.” -Missoula, MT

“It was a privilege working with Seth.” -Nashville, TN

“I think it’s looking awesome, thanks so much for what you do.” -Nashville, TN

“You will see in Seth’s work, he is energetic, conscientious, and has a wonderful attitude…much needed and appreciated!”

-Missoula, MT

“Seth knows how to earn the trust and respect of our customers.”
-Nashville, TN

“An invaluable bonus is Seth’s attention to detail and sense of humor!” -Missoula, MT”

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