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The Current State of Marketing | Day 49 of 100 Days of Video

Casey Neistat said,

99% of advertising is advertising by committee.

It’s mushy, it’s uninteresting, and it’s destined to be forgotten.

The only reason this was the case, is because ads used to be on TV where distribution was restricted.

But now there’s nothing between you and your customer.

If you can be “real” in the content you create, and you can be interesting, you can reach your customers with ZERO friction, on your terms, without high ad fees.

And like Gary Vaynerchuk says,

The creative is the variable.

(And “the creative” is the videos and content you are publishing.)

But the bottleneck is your access to practitioners who understand this is limited.

Can you find someone who gets this to create ads for you?


Or, you can control it yourself.