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After doing daily videos for a week, this is what I’ve learned so far.

1. I’ve already gotten a lot more comfortable talking to the camera. This has a range of benefits, but mostly it makes it so it takes a lot less time to record my videos, and it’s getting more enjoyable.

2. It takes a lot less time to edit now, because I’m getting faster and I’m learning the software (Premiere Pro).

3. I am getting more and more ideas for videos by the day (rather than running out of ideas like one might assume would happen.)

4. It’s much easier to get the shots I need for b-roll, story shots, and intro/outro shots because I’ve learned a lot about what plays well in this style of video.

5. Although views and engagement are not increasing just yet, my game plan is to lay down a good foundation of videos before I start promoting and engaging, and it’s looking good so far.

6. It’s starting to get FUN!

So, those are some major improvements in just over one week’s time, and this is progress I am very happy about.

I’m doing a workshop about how to make interesting, engaging marketing videos, so if you;re so inclined you can check that out here: http://growthshop.co/