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I went to an entrepreneurship and venture network event the other day. And I was talking to a guy and he was there representing his new company. And he loves his craft, he and his co founders they are very good at their craft, right? But what was he there for? At that event? Why was he there?

He was there to promote his business.
He told me that the part he hates most about starting and running his business–his pride and joy, btw–the part he hates most is the “sales” part. He hates selling. And for him, “selling” and “marketing” are basically one and the same. Because for a small business, if you don’t want to be cold calling or emailing or knocking on doors, you’re marketing is what’s going to bring in new customers Your marketing should be doing all the selling for you.

And anyway so this is my bread and butter, right? Selling. Marketing. Marketing that sells. So his situation really got me worked up, because this is one of the things I am most passionate about in my agency. Business growth.

So I looked out across the room and saw allllll the other people who were there at this networking event representing their companies, their employers, or even themselves looking for a great job oppotunity. And they went around the room and did the ice breaker thing where everyone introduces themselve and they all got to do a brief little “pitch” about what they’re working on and what they’re looking for. And do you know what 99% of them were there for? To promote themselves. And do you know what 99% of them hate? Sales. Selling. Marketing. But what do they need most? Why are they here at this event? To promote their businesses. Sales. Selling. Marketing. “Networking.” Pitching. Promotion.

And the reason why this gave me goosebumps and got me all worked up is because I know the best answer for most of them. And I know how much fun it can be when business promotion is done well. And that’s where this video comes in. (This video about the importance of making videos if you are trying to promote something you believe in.)

Because what a great marketing video, a great campaign of marketing videos, does? It’s a fleet of digital salesmen who are out there selling 24/7 for you on the internet. And let me tell you that for me personally, I’ve lived this. Every single new customer I have gotten in the past 4 years in my business that did not come from a referral or an in person introduction came as a result of that customer, that decision maker, seeing one of my videos.

And the shame is that even I didn’t fully commit the way I should’ve until 17 days ago when I started doing daily videos. Because I tried to outsmart the market. I used to think I could do a handful of videos a year and not commit to hanging my face out there in front of the camera on a regular basis (and my face is my sales force) and still make it work. And really, that did used to work. But it doesn’t work that way anymore. You can’t phone it in. You can’t fake it. You can’t half ass it. You have to go all in, or you might as well shut down your web marketing strategy completely. The half measures are now getting drowned out by the noise. Only the authentic, fully committed marketing campaigns are resonating with customers now in today’s market, in the era of the mobile screen that’s in their faces 24/7 full of rich distractions and fascinating stories. You gotta find a way to do that if you wanna hang. I have a method that makes it easier. Come join us at the workshop and learn it the fast way and get your marketing back on track.

Everybody knows how to set up a camera and sit down in front of it and start gabbing. But that doesn’t work anymore. You have to make it interesting to watch. And they way you do that is what I teach in this workshop.

Here’s the link to the workshop if you’re interested: http://growthshop.co/register/