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Seth Holdren is CEO of Growth Shop, a business growth and marketing agency based in Missoula, Montana.

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Growth Shop creates marketing campaigns to grow businesses.

Because video rules everything right now, we are largely focused on making videos and content that actually grows our clients’ companies.

Video should be based on marketing strategy for the year we live in, not yesterday’s dusty and ineffective old advertising strategies. Not just “storytelling”. Not just “creative”. Not just “design”. Not just “ads”. Powerful video marketing that makes a real connection with and adds value to the people you want to become your customers and clients.

As business owners and stakeholders, we believe in our businesses. For some of us, there is nothing closer to our hearts than the businesses and companies we work so hard to create and run. We created our companies because we want to make a difference in this world. Growth Shop thinks this is a noble pursuit.

With video, we can connect how we feel about our businesses directly to the people we are here to help and serve. That kind of connection sells. That’s why we love video marketing for business. And that’s why it’s worth getting good at it.

Here at Growth Shop, we’re dedicated to showing you how this is done. We also love doing it for you so you can focus on making a difference.