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What is Growth Shop?

Growth Shop is a business growth and marketing agency. We create marketing campaigns to grow businesses.

We operate as a Virtual Director of Marketing (VDM) for clients locally and across the US. Learn what a VDM does here.

We do a ton of video, because video sells. Also, your digital and social campaigns need to be on point, or they gather dust without ever being seen by customers.

Facebook’s advertising platform has become the 800lb gorilla for advanced customer targeting. And it’s even possible for traditional marketing methods to still pull results as well, but not if you model your competitors cluttered campaigns or travel the beaten down trails of mediocre marketing platitudes.

Growth Shop takes these best practices and helps small businesses implement them in a pragmatic way.

Since “video has always been the deepest way to engage an audience“, we are often focused on making videos and content pieces that actually grow our clients’ companies. We do this both as a part of a comprehensive marketing consulting package, or as a stand-alone service.

Your videos should be based on marketing strategy for the year we live in, not yesterday’s dusty and ineffective old advertising strategies. Not just “storytelling“. Not just “creative”. Not just “design”. Not just “ads”. Powerful video marketing that makes a real connection with and adds value to the people you want to become your customers and clients.

As business owners and stakeholders, we believe in our businesses. For some of us, there is nothing closer to our hearts than the businesses and companies we work so hard to create and run. We created our companies because we want to make a difference in this world. Growth Shop thinks this is a noble pursuit.

With video, we can connect how we feel about our businesses directly to the people we are here to help and serve. That kind of connection sells. That’s why we love video marketing for business. And that’s why it’s worth getting good at it.

Here at Growth Shop, we’re dedicated to showing you how this is done. We also love doing it for you so you can focus on making a difference.

Join us for a workshop or send us an email to have a chat about your video or marketing project.



Can you help my company make a marketing video?
We’ll do one more than that: We’ll make sure you don’t waste money on expensive marketing videos that have little impact on your bottom line.


Can you help us make our Facebook ads profitable?

We’ll figure out what your marketing objectives are with Facebook ads and look for the right way to provide you a high return for the lowest ad spend we can muster.


How does your consulting work?
For free we will figure out what your best marketing opportunities are to meet your business goals. Then we’ll draw up a master plan for your marketing and give you options for implementing this plan. Then and only then do we discuss how much that costs if you’d like to work together to meet those goals.



Marketing Consulting / VDM




Digital / Social


Facebook Ads

Each marketing consulting or VDM (Virtual Director of Marketing) package is unique to the client. For example, for your business, the most lucrative missed opportunities might consist of video marketing, some digital/social elements, and some Facebook advertising. Or it might be more sales-related, such as forging relationships with referral partners, implementing a formalized sales system and training your employees to execute according to the plan, and using digital content as an anchor for your sales people to reach out warm instead of cold.




“The process is going GREAT so far and I not only appreciate working with you but I’m enjoying the process as well.”

Missoula, MT

“Seth’s ability to understand our customers has been invaluable.”

Nashville, TN

“You will see in Seth’s work, he is energetic, conscientious, and has a wonderful attitude…much needed and appreciated!”

Missoula, MT

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